• proctor: spell narry
  • me: can you use it in a sentence please?
  • proctor: why is narry so real....



its either harry on his knees and niall holding his head while he fucks into his mouth until he sees stars

or niall in bed holding harrys hips down while he works harrys tip into overstimulation


September 27th ‘14

People grow up, but memories never change.

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People be like (Mostly Larry shippers) Oh pfft xD Narry is still around? Tf these people are old.. Go away xD..


Okay. You don’t like narry so what?? Don’t come and ask why i’m still around cause honestly, Narry is allot more strong in 2014 okay?

And for all those people who say…


Yeah Harry tied Liam’s shoes to but he KISSED Niall’s shoe. Please dont forget guys!


"C’mon, princess. Lemme hear you," Niall takes a deep breath, digs his hands in and helps Harry along. "Love the sounds you make when you come on my cock."


"What d’you want, princess?" Niall smirks when he says it, squeezes Harry’s ass when he catches the blush that creeps across his face.


"I want it all the time, anywhere," Harry says eagerly.

"If you say so, princess."


“Sit on the bed, princess, legs crossed. I need to get dressed, too.”



if zayn is not there to take the waterbottle from harry when he offers it to him, did harry really carry the waterbottle in the first place